Squash Blossoms

It has definitely been a while (four months to be exact) since my last post, but i have been unbelievably busy. I guess that is not too hard to imagine seeing as though the crumb is opening very soon and I have been running like crazy trying to get things just right. And just right is just not possible! I promised I would talk about the restaurants progress, but here is something  i wanted to share with you first that I found pretty intersting this summer. Chefs typically get excited throughout the year for certain ingredients highly coveted in the industry.  For me, its all about the summer treasures, fiddle-heads in early summer, green tomatoes and zucchini blossoms ( theres plenty more but to keep this post short so I can talk about more pressing issues, i narrow it to these three).  It actually never dawned on me until my wife and I started growing acorn squash, that i could probably eat these blossoms as well. You may be say to yourself HELLO!….. The truth of the matter is, unless the Chef that you work for brings cool ingredients in, or you have the time and the mony to spend on all of the countless ingredints that are out there, it is quite natural for Chefs like myself to not have worked with many of these items. So, I had never eaten them, never seen them at the farmers market, never even heard of them. As I am standing there, I strated to ask myself, ” do i sacrifice a 3 pound acorn squash for one dainty little flower”? I mean there are tons of flowers. Are they all going to turn to squash? If you have any experience in gardening, then you probably should stop reading now because what I recently found out is very new to me, but pretty basic, even for the so called bio-chef I might add. What threw me for a loop was that  early in the summer I witnessed all of my tomato flowers turn into well… tomatoes. The same went for my peas and  peppers as well. (you get the pattern)  So naturally, i was thinking “man im gonna have a bunch a squash to either cook. but what i didnt know is that all of the blossoms turn into the very versitile gourd… it wasnt until a recent early morning watering session i noticed the difference in the flowers some (the females i later found out) had the little babies at the base of the flower and the males looked like regular flower buds, Squash blossoms. you can eat them both but you definately want to let some get to full maturity.  So if you are wondering what to do wih them, They are good a number of ways. My research tells me they are good a number of ways. I guess it depends on your preference. I am going to try them stuffed with a nice soft goat cheese with fresh herbs, tomatoes flashed in a little butter and i might drizzle with a little honey. I have seen recipes calling for them to be stuffed, breaded and fried as well. In my opinion this may be a little heavy and i dont se you getting the full flavor of flower oils. But remember I have never tried them in any way so this is just an educated guess. It is always fun learning new things, testing them and adding them to your mental Rolodex of recipes. I encourage you to try these, as well as other ingredients you are not familiar with in a number of ways until it is prepared just the way you imagine it to taste. And as for the restaurant………. all I can say is I promise it wont be 4 months before I post another blog. I will see you this fall!