Welcome to Vermont!

Vermont my Foodie Friends may as well be the localvore capital of the United States.  Even the grocery stores here label where your food comes from.  For example they have two types of tomatoes to choose from one will say Mexico and the other will say from so and so farm in Vermont.  And trust me, the Mexican tomatoes might be cheaper but they are rotting on the shelf because most people choose the local ones.  That is if they even shop at the grocery store because the Co-ops and farm stands and farmers markets here are amazing!  It’s like a chefs’ dream come true for fresh produce.  Not to mention the meat selection…and the cheese…oh my god the cheese…I have gained 10 lbs since I moved here and I swear to you it is all the CHEESES fault!   Since my wife stayed in Cleveland for the 6 months of my trial run here in VT I think my diet consisted of cheese, cereal, more cheese, and maybe some yogurt.  I know I am a chef but at the end of the day when you get home late the last thing you want to do is cook.  Plus I am telling you this Vermont cheese is like the next best thing to chocolate, and for me to say that about chocolate…that’s huge. It is hard to say which cheese is my favorite but i am very partial to sheep’s milk cheese and David Major makes an unbeliveable washed rind cheese called Vermont Shepherd. VT Shepherd is also the name of the company. He and his wife (who is super cool) have an unbelievable farm that produces three cheeses The afore-mentioned has won many awards and can be found in fine restaurants and specialty stores across the country. You can also find it online at vtshepheard.com. Funny thing about VT is that David still has dial-up where he lives in the mountains so he doesnt update his site as much as he would like to. I guess he has a reason, I’m just not as committed (…lazy) to blogging the way that I want to be. Be patient. I’ll get there. I might even have some friends join me in my writings. My next posts wont be prefaced with a promise because I have shown you that I am not ready to keep to them. I can say, I am going to talk more about the wonderful cheeses and the great time I had Up on Patch Road at VT Shepherd. thanks David!

Till next time, Peas out.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Vermont!

  1. Yay Issie!! this is awesome! I am going to stay tuned 🙂
    saucy., on the other hand, is still trying to figure out wordpress…

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