The Very First One!

I know! I know!

For those of you who know me, know I was a serious hater on social media.  I hated on myspace, facebook, twitter, blogging, etc.   But what do they always say?… People change Izzy, people change.  So, I changed.  I left my job, my restaurant, my home, my wife to be.   I moved to New York to work for free under a Chef I have always admired.  I couch surfed there for 3 months, completely broke and only eating cereal, oreos, and family meal on the days I worked.  After the 3 months I was offered a position, and I reached a crossroad. I had always wanted to work at a top restaurant in the country and here was my chance. At the same time my own restaurant back in Cleveland was in a stage of metamorphosis, and there was a fat chance that my fiance (the Vermonter that she is) would move to an even bigger city. So my friend paid for my one way ticket home and even when I got there, I still did not know what my plan was. I asked God for guidance.

Lo and behold in a matter of months I got married, and employed at a sweet new Japanese restaurant, gaining experience culinarily and in life. I used to tease my wife about being on facebook, and here I am, blogging….. Blogging!? Are you serious?…. So I might as well talk about some interesting things going on in food and cooking (I will even talk about that great book by Harold McGee). As the title states this is the (First One).  So give me some time to gather my thoughts, tell you a little about me, my career, my cooking style, my companies. I also want to fill you in on the restaurants and chefs I’ve loved working for and those I…Well you know, those ones I wasted my time energy and talent on. Keep posted to find out what’s in store for Ismail the Chef, and while you’re at it please post your comments, or send me a message/questions.   Give me some of your ideas on topics you would like to discuss and tell a friend about my blog.

7 thoughts on “The Very First One!

  1. im so gad your on line. I used to come to the crust and crumbs when it was on lakeside, that old twist drill building i loved the soups and sandwiches. i am a trucker so it was a great place to get something to eat during lunch. i remeber when i went and you guys were gone and i bumped into vanessa and she told me about your blog. i cant wait till you guys open good luck.

  2. I hired ismail for a private event and it was wonderful. he came to my house with his assistant ( i think his sister) and they were on time , very polite and they left my kitchen spotless. ismail prepared roasted lamb chops and a smoked potato puree with spicey asparagus delicious. desert- a carmalized banana creme brulee(yummy) They told us about the crumbs reopening this summer and i cant wait to go. I would hire them again for my next affair.

  3. ismail i just want to say congraulations on everything and you have recieve your blessing and many more to come, from your friend nikki and daidai we wish you nothing but the best and i can’t wait to try everything this summer, nothing but the best

  4. It’s really cool to see somebody following their passion, you don’t see that too often. We always talk about the whole “never be that guy” thing, well you’re one of those examples of the “be that guy”. I really admire what you’re doing and wish you the best of luck.


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